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Every Mom’s BFF

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Are you a busy mom caught up in a rat race (and possibly a draining commute!) and a never-ending routine?

Are you constantly trying to find the right balance (and wondering if that’s even possible!)?

Do you wonder if you’ll ever have the freedom and flexibility to spend quality time with your children and do more of what you enjoy?

Do you sometimes wish you could just wave a magic wand so that you have the perfect flow in everything that you do?


This is where I come in.


I’m Neeta Devi Hatley and I help moms, just like you, figure out and follow an inspiring professional path, which creates the Balance, Freedom and Flexibility (your BFF!) you desire in your life.

Ok, just to clarify that just like you, I don’t have a magic wand that I can just wave to make it all happen!

But I’ve been where you’re now, where I would wake up and it would be go go go. And I’ve been in jobs that were draining, in long commutes and the mad rush to and from work.

And I was able to find my passion and a purpose-driven professional path that allowed me to create the Balance, Freedom and Flexibility I was craving for (while having a full-time job at that time and a newborn). And I’ve never looked back.

And I’ve helped many moms (and moms-to-be) on their path to finding the right Balance, Freedom and Flexibility in their own life and I can help you too (if you’ll let me)…

Now…Some Fun Facts About Me!


  • I’m mom to a son + a kitty!
  • I was born and grew up on a tiny paradise island called Ile Maurice (Mauritius). I also lived in Australia for a long time! Years later, moved to USA where I’m now settled with my family. Oh, and I also lived in Singapore for a while…(seems like a lot of continents, I know! and I even occasionally tease my husband about how I travelled so far to finally find him!)
  • My passion is to help moms (moms-to-be and those aspiring to start a family) find and follow a professional path which inspires them and allows them to create the Balance, Freedom and Flexibility they desire in their life (and without the overwhelm or the guilt!)
  • I feel blessed to have met people from so many different walks of life. This is what I treasure the most from my days working in corporate, working at the United Nations and by now having my own practice and working with my wonderful clients.
  • I speak French, Creole, and I know Hindi. I’ve studied Reiki. I’ve walked on fire (thanks Tony Robbins!).
  • I love spending time with my family. I love what I do. I love reading (a little bit of a nerd since I was a kid!) and I’m a life-long learner. I love being outside in the sun, and staying indoors with a warm cup of tea when it’s cold!

I also love sharing tips and insights on my Facebook Page on anything that can inspire and guide moms towards a life where they get to enjoy more Balance, Freedom and Flexibility.

Official Bio


  • Neeta Devi Hatley is a Certified Freedom & Success Coach and the founder of Lifestyle Masterpiece LLC.
  • Neeta is a New York CPA and an Australian CPA.
  • Neeta has 15+ years of experience working in the corporate financial sector, including the Big 4 audit institutions, and the United Nations. Neeta has worked for the Australian Government Auditing and Assurance Standards Board, and has taught students at the University of Melbourne, Australia.
  • Neeta was ranked 4th at the Cambridge Highest School A-Level Certificate and obtained a full scholarship to study at the University of Melbourne. She obtained her BCom (Hons) and Masters degree at the University of Melbourne and Monash University, Australia respectively.

You can access & view Neeta’s longer official bio (if you’re interested!) on LinkedIn.

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Enter your details below to get 'The Freedom Blueprint for The Busy Mom'.

Your Freedom Blueprint is on its way! Check your inbox in a couple of minutes!

Enter your details below to get 'The Freedom Blueprint for The Busy Mom'.

Enter your details below to get 'The Freedom Blueprint for The Busy Mom'.

Your Freedom Blueprint is on its way! Check your inbox in a couple of minutes!