Neeta’s caring and thoughtful, yet witty personality made working with her an enjoyable experience. Neeta is one of the most welcoming persons I know and she uses her energy, compassion, and her sense of humor to help people fulfill their potential. Having experienced myself how easy and natural it is to communicate and share things with Neeta – and especially having experienced how accepted you feel in her company – I can’t imagine a better person than Neeta to help you out in moments of transition. She looks at people with kindness, and in my experience those are the kinds of people one should gravitate towards, at any point in one’s life.


Journalist, Copywriter, Finland

Life has a somewhat funny trick – fortunately – to suddenly put someone across your track when you most need it. At a point in time where I was utterly confused about the next step, though I had a vague idea about what to do, I decided to contact Neeta to ask for some help. Her active listening to my confused story-telling, her quick grasp about the complete situation and her sharp insights about where to start – and to start now – was an electroshock that set me on track. Neeta has taught me clarity of purpose, and I strongly recommend Neeta for her professional yet sensible approach in bringing people closer to their dreams, through simple small steps.


Business Management


CDH Investments, China


Toastmasters Speaker

Working with Neeta for 4 months was an inspiring, enjoyable and fruitful experience. She is very professional, has a great personality, and I was lucky to have her as a coach. Neeta earns my heartfelt recommendation.


China Merchants Bank, New York

I was so confused and felt stuck about my career path and what I really wanted to do. And I had the chance to come across Neeta’s website. It seemed I found what I needed, so I asked for a consultation. She put me at ease and though we didn’t know each other, I could easily talk to her about what was worrying me. She listened carefully and talked to me in a very clear way. She made it very simple for me – in fact she provided clarity on everything that was messed up and she showed me that what seemed so difficult and even impossible to me was in fact realizable. I really appreciate the way Neeta puts things in a very clear and simple way  – one thing she said is that we should do small things which can bring us a step ahead until we reach our main objectives. Thank you, Neeta! NATHALIE CELINE

Insurance underwriter