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Hello Mommy! (or Mommy-to-be!)

Thank you for your interest in The Mom’s Freedom Academy!


Whether you work full-time or part-time, you’re a stay-at-home mom, or you have your own biz, you’re in the right place if:

You no longer feel fulfilled on your current path.

You feel that ‘something’ is missing in your life.

You want CLARITY on your life direction.

You want to live YOUR PURPOSE and your truth.

You want to feel driven, to feel ALIVE again.


You want the FREEDOM TO BE YOU again.

You want freedom on ALL levels.

And you want to be supported on your journey.

The Mom’s Freedom Academy online program is for the mom who no longer wants to settle in life anymore.

The Mom who wants to lead, laugh & live.


Motherhood is not easy.

But motherhood DOES NOT have to be that hard.

And motherhood CAN and DOES get easier when:

You can be YOURSELF again.

You can tap into your GIFTS and TALENTS.

You can follow your PASSION and use your POTENTIAL.

You can be free to live your PURPOSE.

You can spend time on what you LOVE and what MATTERS to you.

You can have FREEDOM at ALL levels.

And you can do all this while making the MOST OF MOTHERHOOD.

And this is exactly what The Mom’s Freedom Academy teaches you.


It’s a step-by-step online program which starts by showing you how to connect with and reclaim your truth, YOUR TRUE IDENTITY – the foundation of ultimate freedom.

You learn how to get TIME FREEDOM, so that you can build your dreams AND take care of your daily responsibilities, leaving behind the overwhelm, frustration and confusion.

You get crystal CLARITY on your LIFE PURPOSE, what you’re here for, so that you can make the impact you’re here to make.

You learn how to step into an abundance mindset and the often-overlooked steps for FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

You step into a new journey where you can SAVOR YOUR LIFE.

And so much more…

This is what you’ll learn:

Freedom to Be You

  The 3 transformative shifts to overcome the motherhood-freedom conundrum, once and for all.

  The 4 interference factors that prevent you from connecting with your true self and how to release them.

√  How to step into your identity and embody who you are at your core, so that you can make aligned decisions.

  How to get clarity on your life direction, stepping away from confusion and towards the freedom and the life you want to create.

Time Freedom

 The easiest way to achieve your goals, without feeling overwhelmed.

 How to free up your time with simple time management strategies specific to the busy mom, so that you can spend more time doing what you love and what matters to you.

 How to start your day energized (even when your morning is hectic!)

 The 30-minute routine to replenish your energy before the evening (because you still have things to take care of!)

Freedom of Purpose

  The 4 pillars that determine whether your needs are being met in your current situation.

   How to get crystal clarity on your life purpose, i.e. what you’re here for.

   Who you’re here to impact and the message you’re here to share with them.

   How to align your purpose with your freedom and lifestyle vision. (This is KEY!)

Financial Freedom

 The importance of understanding your relationship with money, so that you’re not consciously or subconsciously pushing money away.

  The new paradigm for financial freedom and how to tap into the feminine strategies to attract wealth. (HINT: It’s NOT about working harder and harder!)

  How to set monetary goals and take inspired actions.

  How to start improving your financial situation (right where you are!)

Freedom to Enjoy

  How to disconnect, be present (when you have so much going on) and savor life to the maximum.

 The 4 success crushers you need to avoid to keep your momentum going, and how to revel in your success.

  The power of gratitude as a transformative and a manifestation tool, and how to use it.

Exclusive Access to The Mom's Freedom Academy Private Facebook Group

Your enrollment in The Mom’s Freedom Academy gives you exclusive access to a Private Facebook Community.

You don’t have to do it all alone! This group is for you to seek support and feedback, ask your questions and share your realizations, breakthroughs, and a-ha moments. And this is NOT one of those groups where you hardly see the instructor; I’m committed to helping more and more moms on their respective journeys and you’ll see me often in the group to answer your questions and support you the best I can.

It’s also a safe place where you can interact with like-minded moms, learn from one another, and maybe even build lifetime friendships!

Join The Mom's Freedom Academy today!

 –  By Neeta Devi Hatley, Mom of 1 (+ 1 kitty)

CPA, Certified Freedom & Lifestyle Coach for Moms 


How is The Mom’s Freedom Academy program delivered?


The Mom’s Freedom Academy is an online program, consisting of videos and workbooks. All the materials are digital, so you can access them anywhere in the world where you have internet connection. All the modules are ready and available in the membership area and once you enroll, you get instant access to them. Your enrollment in The Mom’s Freedom Academy also gives you lifetime access to the program, so you can go at your own pace and revisit any areas at any time.

You also receive Exclusive access to The Mom’s Freedom Academy Members ONLY Private Facebook Group, where you can ask all your questions and receive feedback.

If you’re done guessing which path to take, you’re done spending time and energy on things that DON’T light you up, and you want to experience freedom at ALL levels.

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

I’ve helped hundreds of moms using the same process and I can help you too.

What’s your investment?

Your investment in The Mom’s Freedom Academy online program is:

a one-time payment of $597


3 payments of $227

Under either option, you get instant access to The Mom’s Freedom Academy online program once you enroll.

Join The Mom’s Freedom Academy today. Select your preferred option and method of payment: 

One-time investment

One-time payment of $597
  • 5 life-changing modules
  • digital, lifetime videos and workbooks
  • Exclusive Access to the Members ONLY Private Facebook Group

Payment Plan

$ 227 today, 2 payments of $ 227 to follow
  • 5 life-changing modules
  • digital, lifetime videos and workbooks
  • Exclusive Access to the Members ONLY Private Facebook Group

“When I first consulted Neeta, I was exhausted and felt helpless. I was spending too many hours at work and too little time with my daughters. I felt guilty, stressed and overwhelmed. After my initial consultation with Neeta, I already starting seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I had hope. And 3 months after working with her, I felt more alive, more energetic, more enthusiastic than I’ve felt for a long, long, time. I discovered my passion and I’ve started building my business. And I learned how to make the transition from my job to my business, while taking care of my daughters! Thank you so, so much Neeta!” -Jennifer M., mom of 2.

“My children are my life. When my first was born, I became a stay-at-home mom, and then my second one was born, then my third one. When my little one was 5 years old and my oldest one 10 years old, I needed a change. I wanted to go back to work again, but my confidence level was extremely low. I almost wanted to hide. Neeta helped not only increase my confidence, but she helped me figure out a career path which allowed me to still take care of my 3 children and cherish the moments with them. She also helped me bring small changes to my routine which allowed me to have much more time. I realized I was wasting so much time on trivial things and unhealthy relationships. I highly recommend Neeta to any mom who feels lost.” – Ayesha L., mom of 3.

“I would have never imagined how hard it would be to juggle between work and a newborn. Once I started working with Neeta, she showed me how to prioritize. She also made me realize how I was being hard on myself and engaging in comparison, and giving away so much of my power to others. I now have my peace of mind back and I’m eternally grateful to her!” – Shu-Lin Z., mom of 1.

“After my son left for college, I felt empty. It was really hard for me to let go and that’s when I came across Neeta’s website. She helped me bring out a part of me who I had buried for a long time while I took care of my son as a single mother. She helped me overcome my fears, find my voice again and discover my purpose. I feel so blessed to be able to live my purpose at this point in my life and enjoy the financial freedom which comes with it. Thank you so much Neeta.” – Barbara S., mom of 1.

“I always wanted to have my own business to be able to work from home. I tried a few things but they didn’t work as expected and I struggled to make money. After working with Neeta, I got super clear on my passion and my purpose. And for the first time, I stopped struggling with my finances. I would highly recommend Neeta to anyone who wants to find their purpose and build a strong business foundation.” – Sameera P., mom of 2.

Who's this program for?

I’ve helped many other moms on their path to freedom and purpose. I’ll guide you through each step along the way, but this program is for those who are also willing to take responsibility for their actions, make the necessary efforts and do the work required to achieve the expected results.

A key requirement is that members in this program are respectful of other moms, their choices and differences. The closed Private Facebook Group is a place to interact with others in a positive and uplifting way (not a place for complainers and naysayers).

How long should I devote to this program?

The amount of time varies on your individual circumstances. Each module consists of 3-4 lessons and I would recommend spending 20 minutes – 1.5 hours hours on each lesson, including the exercise. Some lessons can be done quicker, others need more in-depth understanding and work.

The important thing is to not rush through the materials and to go at a pace that’s convenient for you.

And remember you have lifetime access to the program materials!

I live in a different time zone. Does it matter?

No, it doesn’t! As long as you have internet connection, you’re good. The program materials are digital videos and workbooks which you can access at any time, in your own time zone. All the materials are ready and available and once you enroll, you get instant access.

As far as the Facebook Group goes, just ask your questions in your time zone and I’ll answer as soon as I have a chance.

I have a technical issue or a billing question. Who should I contact?

Please address all your technical or billing questions to:, and we’ll revert back as soon as we can.

One-time investment

One-time payment of $597
  • 5 life-changing modules
  • digital, lifetime videos and workbooks
  • Exclusive Access to the Members ONLY Private Facebook Group

Payment Plan

$ 227 today, 2 payments of $ 227 to follow
  • 5 life-changing modules
  • digital, lifetime videos and workbooks
  • Exclusive Access to the Members ONLY Private Facebook Group