Balance. Freedom. Flexibility 

Every Mom’s BFF

You wake up and it’s go go go. A non-stop race, a mad rush and a never-ending routine!

You wish you could just stop the clock, sit down and ‘breathe’ for a few minutes.

You wish you could have more balance in your life. Maybe more freedom to do what you love. Maybe more flexibility in your schedule so that you don’t miss another school event of your child.

You tell yourself: ‘There MUST be a better way TO LIVE LIFE’.

I’ve got excellent news. There is.


That’s right! You can follow a professional path that inspires you and at the same time allows you to create the Balance, Freedom and Flexibility (your BFF!) you want in your life.

How do I know this?

I used to be the busy, overwhelmed and frustrated mom, before I decided that my life had to change. I decided that I didn’t want to settle anymore.

I can now ‘breathe’, I love what I do and I can spend more quality time doing what really matters to me.

I’ve helped many other moms and I can help you too.


I’m a mom, just like you, and my passion is to help other moms (moms-to-be or those aspiring to start a family) figure out and follow an inspiring and purpose-driven professional path, which creates the Balance, Freedom and Flexibility they want in their life.

Because every mom deserves this.


For yourself. For your children. For those whose lives you impact.

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“Having experienced myself how easy and natural it is to communicate and share things with Neeta – and especially having experienced how accepted you feel in her company – I can’t imagine a better person than Neeta to help you out in moments of transition.” -Päivi Surakka

“Neeta has taught me clarity of purpose.” -Patricia Aliphon